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Celebrating Yourself in Leadership - Why It’s Time to High-Five Yourself More Often

why celebrating ourselves is so important as we climb the leadership ladder
celebrating our own wins

Let’s chat about something super important that we often brush aside in our hustle to climb the ladder: patting ourselves on the back. Yes, you heard right. Celebrating our own wins, big or small, is not just nice—it’s necessary. Inspired by Niecy Nash-Betts’ emotional moment at the Emmys where she thanked herself, we’re diving into why giving yourself a shoutout can be a game changer.

The Art of Patting Your Own Back

When Niecy Nash-Betts said, “I’m the only one who knows how much it cost me,” it hit home for a lot of us. Behind every success, there’s a mountain of unseen struggles—lost sleep, self-doubt, sacrifices, and those tough personal battles. Recognising our own hard work isn’t just self-indulgence; it’s about acknowledging the journey we've braved.

Why It Feels So Good

This isn’t just feel-good fluff. Saying “good job” to yourself can seriously uplift your spirits, boost your confidence, and build resilience. It’s like reinforcing a positive loop in your brain that says, “Hey, I can do this,” which keeps you motivated and marching forward.

Believe in Your Own Hype

Let’s face it: if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? That rock-solid belief in your own abilities is what sets leaders and innovators apart. In the ever-changing corporate world, trusting your own gut can lead to groundbreaking changes and set the stage for creativity to flourish.

Making It Part of Your Leadership Style

When you start celebrating your own efforts, you'll naturally begin to recognise and value the efforts of those around you. This can seriously uplift your team’s spirit and create a workplace vibe that’s all about encouragement and appreciation.

Learning from the Leaders

Think about all those big names who share their stories of self-doubt and triumph. They often point to a moment of self-recognition that helped them push through tough times. Embracing this narrative can inspire a whole culture of acknowledgment in your organisation, boosting everyone’s morale.

Growth Is in the Details

Celebrating your wins helps you pause and reflect, which is crucial for setting future goals and personal development. It’s not just about throwing a party for the big milestones; it’s about appreciating the small steps too.

How to Start Celebrating Yourself in Leadership

Alright, let’s get practical. How can you start incorporating some self-high-fives into your life?

  1. Keep a Win Journal: Jot down your successes regularly. It’s a great way to keep track of your progress and remind yourself of how far you’ve come, especially on rough days.

  2. Set Personal Goals: Like any good business, set your own key performance indicators. Celebrate when you hit them and regroup when you don’t.

  3. Take Time to Reflect: Carve out some time to think about your journey. What did it take to get here? What have you learned?

  4. Share Your Story: Don’t be shy. Talk about your achievements in blogs, at events, or even just with friends. It’s affirming and, who knows, it might just inspire someone else to go after their goals.

Wrapping It Up: The Magic of Saying “Thanks, Me!”

Niecy Nash-Betts thanking herself at the Emmys wasn’t just a moment of pride—it was a powerful declaration. It’s about time we all took a page out of her book. Celebrating our own efforts not only empowers us but can set off a ripple effect, inspiring everyone around us to recognise and celebrate their own achievements.

So, go ahead, give yourself that well-deserved pat on the back. Remember, every little step forward deserves a little celebration.


Because you’re the only one who knows truly how much it took to take that step. High-five to that!

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